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These Bros Know More About Vintage Fashion Than You Do – Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser Interview

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Courtesy of What Goes Around Comes Around – Continue Reading BelowPhoto: Katie FriedmanIf you were to bump into Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser in New York City, you could easily size them up to create a pretty accurate picture of what their lives have been like. Maybe from some New York suburb? Check. Went to a big party school for college? Check. Loved the nightlife in their respective heydays? Definitely, check.But what you wouldn’t guess—and what might shock you—is that Maione and Weisser bonded in their 20s not only over beer and boobs at Spy Bar and Element, but also over their passion for rare Japanese denim and hard to find vintage pieces.The two “bros canada goose coats ,” now 46, opened What Goes Around Comes Around, a vintage luxury retailer trusted by collectors, celebrities, and fashion lovers alike, in 1993 in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, and followed it up in 2008 with an L.A. storefront.The shop features luxury clothing and accessories from the 1880s to 1990s for men and women and includes everything from Murakami-printed Vuitton suitcases and racks of white cotton prairie dresses to Chanel gold chains and insane concert tees).Related: The App That Will Cure Your Vintage Shopping AnxietyWe spent a morning with the guys to talk all things vintage, how they got their start, and hear about the crazy things they’ve seen on their journey searching for vintage across the globe.Tell us how you guys met and got started.GM: We both went to Syracuse University and we moved to the city with mutual friends. We were kind of taking over the nightlife during our younger years and were both interested in fashion. I was working at Ralph Lauren getting into design. Seth and I were out there, with our small salaries, extracting vintage throughout the city just to be resourceful. We couldn’t buy the special pieces that we coveted. And we realized that going to these stores, there was no merchandizing. Seeing these great wardrobes out in the nightlife scene and me being at Ralph Lauren and having a breadth of all that customer service and beautiful editing we were like, “there’s nothing out there right now that has a point of view in vintage!” Long story short, we decided to take the plunge and look for real estate and open a store that had a curated, edited vision of what vintage was. – Continue Reading BelowRelated: The Best Vintage Stores in AmericaCourtesy of What Goes Around Comes Around – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading BelowPhoto: Katie FriedmanSo how did partying and shopping vintage turn into the idea for What Goes Around Comes Around?SW: When we first thought about the vintage thing, we didn’t necessarily think about a store because we thought aboutthe dollars— that’s a big deal. We were going to try to do flea markets or street fairs, or private appointments at the apartment. And then we literally one day were like, “Let’s just look at space.” And then we came upon this and it was a time when we said we’d take the plunge. Our fathers were completely against it; our mothers were a little more understanding.GM: Now [the street has] become a very high end shopping area. When we moved to SoHo in ’93, it was a lot more creative— gallery, restaurant driven. It wasn’t really as retail-driven as it is [now].What has been the process of finding the clothing and accessories? Has it changed throughout the years?GM: We’ve been through a lot of evolution in terms of the stuff we’ve been buying. Over the 20 years, we’ve gone everywhere you can go. We’ve road-tripped pretty much everywhere in this country at some point—and Europe and Asia— really trying to find unique and amazing things that other people don’t have. Part of the allure of our business is that we have a museum-like collection that we have hunted and continue to hunt to depths that most people don’t know exist to get to.SW: A big thing is that we’ve consistently challenged ourselves to say “What’s the next thing? What’s the new thing?” And not say, “Ok, these are the things that we carry,” and don’t go where trends are going. We’ve created a lot of the trends.Courtesy of What Goes Around Comes Around – Continue Reading BelowPhoto: Katie FriedmanYou must have some crazy travel/shopping stories?SW: In the 90s we were working really heavily with the Japanese. Every month there was a gathering at the Pasadena Rose Bowl parking lot , which became the epicenter of Japanese denim culture. So, we would be out there every single month, go from straight partying to the Rose Bowl parking lot at three o’clock in the morning, probably without sleeping, with flashlights in the dark, sneaking in the backs of vans. Jeans were selling for up to 10K for some Levis! We would be out there in the middle of the night like crazy people! We wouldn’t stop buying until one in the afternoon. It was a 36-hour binge.Does anything get you excited like that now?GM: We’re very non-genre or male/female specific at this point. It could be a bag, a t-shirt, something we’ve never seen before. We’ve seen so much, but in fashion and vintage you’ll never see it all. We consistently find stuff we’ve never seen before. – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading BelowWhen you walk into the store, you see tons of Chanel, Hermès, Vuitton, but you also see brands that many people have never heard of before. How do know how to buy these types of things?GM: Some of these designers, whether it’s Ossie Clark or Paco Rabbane, who are not very well known outside of the high fashion circles, are people that are really inspirational to some of today’s designers. Ultimately it’s never been about brand for us. It’s always about the piece.SW: We’ve been buying for 21 years. It’s given us that education to almost be able to identify what anything on this planet is.Do you feel being straight men in fashion has played into your business at all?SW: People may look at it like it’s interesting, rare, unique in a sense. For us, personally, we do what we do. We love this. We’re who we are. The truth is we love people, more than all these things that we love. The friends and the clients—and we have clients that have been coming to us since the beginning. GM: We didn’t stop to think that that’s not the norm.What do you think the next 10 years look like for WGACA?SW: I think it’s an interesting time because it’s become really about brand. Every era had a distinct style and in the 90s, it changed to where the global markets opened up and people became brand collectors. The future for us is to continue being the home front of luxury around the world. Whatever key vintage collectors are out there, they know we’re one of the few places they can go to. But now, we’ve converted a whole new customer: we’re now linking with shop in shops with stores in Dubai, in Hong Kong. We’re doing a new project in Kuwait this fall with luxury accessories.GM: We’ve been doing it with our brick and mortar shops, and now we’re building it out on the web. The good news is that with the experience and our name behind it from an authenticity standpoint, we are the ones people know they can rely on.

These Bros Know More About Vintage Fashion Than You Do – Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser Interview

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