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One of the oldest leather glove makers in Paris has entered the business of designer handbags. Michel Perrin , CEO of Perrin Paris , revamped the 114 year old family business by introducing the ultra hip bag line last April. As expected, the bags are all handstitched with painstaking detail, not unlike the precision taken to fit a glove perfectly on the hand. The sleek and modern Berline totes and clutches are absolutely gorgeous! Its fluid lines lend grace and elegance to the bags and the straps and super mod buttons add whimsy and fun, which will appeal to s of all ages and tastes. I know I sound like a gushing francophile but does everything not sound better when said in French? Say it to yourself, Perrin Paris, rolls off nicely on the tongue n’est pas? The prices are reasonable too. The Perrin Paris Berline Clutch is a mere $325 and the Perrin Paris Berline Large Tote is $655. Both at Shopbop. Check the Perrin Paris website often for new styles!

Great article on the Perrin family in the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar. I almost threw it away because it has the skanky Paris and Nicole on the cover. Almost ten pages of wasted space on these two good for nothings.

Yay! I’ve been waiting for you to post on Perrin. Been admiring the Berline large tote and clutch since they debuted at shopbop about a month ago =)

The designer of the bag is named Dorothy Barrick.

There are 4 different designers involved on the Perrin line. Check out the website!

Where can I buy the Attelage medium or large handbag? All I can find is the Berlini tote or clutch. Thanks!

Hi Kathryn! Attelage bags are now available on our site also make sure to view my appearance on the Martha Stewart show at

Enjoy. Cheers. -MP

Perrin Paris Berline

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