“I always think about Roland,” moncler usa three time grand

20 years on from the death of Roland Ratzenberger

The 33 year old Austrian driver’s passing was overshadowed by events that took place 24 hours later when three time world champion Ayrton Senna best moncler jackets was killed in moncler outlet Sunday’s race at the Imola circuit.On the 20th anniversary of that tragic weekend, it’s Senna’s death that still haunts the sport while Ratzenberger’s fate has largely been ignored.”He’s the forgotten man of Formula 1,” said former track rival Johnny Herbert, who was one of the drivers at Ratzenberger’s funeral. “Forgotten to many, but not to me.”Ratzenberger was competing in only the third grand prix of his F1 career when the mountings on his Simtek car’s front wing became dislodged on his warm up lap after hitting a curb in qualifying.Exiting the moncler sale outlet Tamburello corner, which moncler outlet store would become moncler sale synonymous with Senna’s fatal accident, on the next lap, the wing broke and he went careering into a concrete wall discount moncler jackets at moncler outlet sale the Villeneuve Curve moncler sale online head on at 200 mph.While Senna’s death spawned all manner of books and an eponymous documentary of moncler womens jackets his life, Ratzenberger’s was a mere snapshot in that cheap moncler jackets womens superb film.And while an estimated three million people flocked to cheap moncler sale the streets of Sao Paulo for Senna’s funeral, about 250 people were in moncler uk outlet Salzburg as Ratzenberger was laid to rest.Herbert was among them, paying his respects to a friendship that first started in 1985 when the pair were vying for victory in the prestigious Formula Ford Festival in England.”I always think about Roland,” moncler usa three time grand prix winner Herbert told CNN. “I miss him even now. I think about uk moncler outlet him at certain points particularly at the European races. Monaco’s always one.”But we also say goodbye to Senna, https://www.moncleronlineoutlet.com moncler outlet whose death was very difficult for us cheap moncler coats mens too, very heavy, especially when we heard he had the red flag of Austria in his car he planned to fly from the cockpit for the win for Roland.”That’s a very special moment for us amid the sadness.”Rudolf admits moncler outlet woodbury time has been a healer and that there is no bitterness towards cheap moncler jackets the sport.”We were just happy that uk moncler sale he’d achieved his dream to be a driver in Formula 1,” he added.”It had been a long time read more here driving in Japan, Germany and England to get there. I didn’t see one of his grands prix.”I’ve never wished that he didn’t do Formula 1, no, moncler online store because that was what he wanted to do, that was his dream. We were very happy for him, it was what he loved to do.”Ratzenberger, who was so delighted on making it to F1 he handed out pin badges with his helmet on it to supporters, is buried in the family grave with a small replica of his helmet and a moncler outlet online picture of him on the tombstone, cheap moncler jackets mens with the final words summing up his father’s aforementioned words translating as “he lived for his moncler outlet prices dream.”.

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