In the Ashes there actually were several key DRS decisions

I think the real issue is not in adopting the DRS but who pays for it, there was an article on this site which elaborated this aspect clearly. The summary of the article was that BCCI would end up paying for DRS technology say when the game is between SL and Bangladesh. That is the reason why BCCI opposes DRS, not because of the technology but who bears the cost of the technology. But I think we must also acknowledge that the technology has improved since then and still is continually improving. For me Kholi’s LBW was a shocker, hit on legstump, easy missing the wickets. As a fan I just want the right decision or the closest thing to it. I will take DRS’s 94% accuracy over human error any day. In the Ashes there actually were several key DRS decisions which were referred. That back pad decision today could have been reversed easily with these 2 technologies which are fool proof. Ashin could have also had another wicket when the SL batsman gloved it. I think striving for a perfect product is foolhardy, as throughout mankind’s existence technology is developed through application and use. The more we use it the more it improves. It is there to assist umpires not replace them. I will give you an example. LBW decision is given Not out by umpire, bowling side reviews but ball tracking shows that less than 50% of the ball hitting the wickets to the original decision stands. The umpires decision still carries the most weight because the marginal calls (which what people dispute) always stay with the on field umpire. Finally, every single cricket board in the whole world has realised that wicket decision making needs to be improved through technology to bring the sport into the 21 century, because big money and careers are at stake. Every single board has agreed to DRS except the BCCI. If find this strange. We need Indian fans to put pressure on their board to consider change, having different rules for different countries is just crazy. You are right about BCCI accepting partial DRS but You know what, India did agree to that in the series against Eng in 2011 in eng. You wouldn’t believe the kind of mockery was made of hot spot and snicko in that series. the on field umpires gave batsmen out even when the hot spot showed no signs on the bat, when the spot was on shoelaces and what not. Having said that, I agree the number of correct decisions “could” potentially improve. however, just watching the Ashes, I didn’t see too many mistakes/howlers there and here, in 3 days, we have 6. They are laughing today bcoz their team benefitted, God knows how many posts would have flooded if it was other way around.

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